01 - 02 Jun 2024


8:00 am - 6:00 pm


Cruiser Racing

Lymington Rally

HSC  RALLY (Dan Bran Pontoon) 1st June 2024

The first rally of the season is approaching, as previous years we are initially limited to 10 boats on a first come first served basis, should we be oversubscribed I will attempt to arrange additional berths. Boats can arrive on the Friday 31st May.

If you wish to attend, please could you enter your details below and send me an email as confirmation to mailto:pincher02@icloud.com

As I mentioned in my recent newsletter I will be arranging a pontoon party on the Saturday afternoon, I endeavour to start this at 1300, please bring some food and drink, if anyone has a picnic table they could bring it would helpful, this is of course weather permitting, I think this will a great way to get everyone together.

When we are 2–3 weeks before the rally, it will be the responsibility of individuals to contact Lymington to book their berths, payment must be made 48 hrs before arrival (29th May 2024).

If you have any questions, please do contact me on the above email address or speak to me in the club.

Boat NameApplicant NameLOAEmail addressPontoon Party yes/no

Colin Martin

Cruiser Captain


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