Membership TypeEntrance Fee £Annual Subscription £
Full Member12580
Full Member and Spouse150120
OAP Member (see note)050
OAP Member and Spouse (see note)075
Young Adult (age 18-21)6040
Junior (age 13-17)1730
Junior (age under 16030

Note – The OAP subscription rate is available to a full member who has been a member for five years and has attained the age of 66 or over by the 28th February.


The Club membership is limited to six hundred full voting members. There are currently no limits for  the spouse, cadets, and junior categories. It is generally excepted that any full or OAP member will have no more than one spouse.

Anyone wishing to join can either download a form from the link at the bottom of this page, or write to the Membership Secretary requesting a membership form.  All sections of the form are to be completed,  and two existing members (of at least two years standing) shall sign it as proposer and seconder. If you do not know any club member you are invited to visit the club (a Sunday lunchtime would be ideal) to ask about the Club and talk to members to see if they are willing to sponsor your membership.

The completed form is to be sent to the membership secretary who will then post it on the club notice board for one month, which allows any member the opportunity of writing to the committee with an objection.   After that the application form is approved by the Management Committee and the applicant will be placed on a waiting list.

At the end of every February existing members will have had the opportunity to renew their membership. Each year about 35 members do not renew for various reasons, and the club uses the waiting list to replace losses. Prospective members are invited to attend an interview by two Club Officers normally held on a weekend in March.  The purpose of the interview is two fold; the Club needs to confirm that the applicant has a genuine interest in sailing or boating and the applicant has the opportunity of finding out everything he needs to know before making the final commitment of joining.  Applicants are then invited to a prospective members meeting, normally a Sunday morning in April, where they will be invited to part with their money and receive their membership pack together with a club key, which allows access to the club and facilities 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.  There is normally only one new members meeting a year so any person applying for membership has to wait until the following Spring before being admitted subject to the number of vacancies arising from members not renewing their membership.

There is currently a waiting list of applicants. The next intake due in April 2024 will  be taken strictly in the order of application.