2024 Online Membership Renewal – LIVE

Many thanks for member’s patience whilst repairing the issues.

The issues required a full deep dive to find the issue and then test all code to ensure nothing would be adversely affected.

Many tests have been done to ensure the renewal form works well but anything a member may find that is not aiding their renewal completion it is suggested they save their renewal as a DRAFT and then email the IT Officer.

Please follow the following steps to renew your 2024 online membership renewal:

  1. Login to the website – the renewal is loaded only to the FULL member’s profile and will not show in a spouse’s profile.
  2. Go to the link Online Membership Renewal 2024
  3. Follow the instructions to complete each section.
  4. No storage? You will be directed to the Work Party form which ALL members must complete, even OAP – where you tick “OAP exempt box” and then submit the form at the bottom of that page.
  5. Your payment options will send you emails with links to follow to complete these – do NOT logout before you’ve checked your email please.
  6. If you need help – email the IT Officer –webmaster@hardwaysailingclub.co.uk