Duty Member’s Instructions

The duty bag can be collected from and returned to the Galley. If the Galley is closed please return it to the Club Bar.

If you are unable to attend, it is your responsibility to arrange suitable cover and confirm this in writing to enable us to amend the records and allocate an alternative date to you. Failure to attend for duty renders the member liable to a penalty of £140 (twice the waiver). See Club Rule Book. Any correspondence is to be addressed to the Membership Secretary, Hardway Sailing Club.

Guidelines for the Role of Duty Member: Your duty is to honour and uphold, Hardway Sailing Club, rules and principles. You are to attend ‘duty’ on your allocated day from 0900 to 1600 hrs. Some flexibility may be required at particularly busy periods, for example Regatta day and when we host Inter-Club events. However, further advice will be given in these circumstances.

PONTOON PATROL AIM: To ensure that an accurate record of timings and the names of all boats that berth alongside the pontoon, using the scrubbing off Grids or using the Derrick are recorded This is an important task as the record you take can be used in the settlement of any payment dispute regarding time alongside and fee due for berthing, use of the Grids or Derrick. Carry out a Pontoon check at the start of your Duty, then at an appropriate mid point and finally just prior to the end of your Duty. The completed record of boat names is to be placed in the ‘Honesty Box’ (Below the scale of charges board which is under the balcony) at the end of the duty period. Advise any member/visitor of the fees payable and the whereabouts of the honesty box if asked. 2 Note: Under NO circumstance, take any money on behalf of members/visitors. Direct them to the ‘Honesty Box’ instead. 

ALL FEES ARE PAYABLE WHEN DUE (Rule 26 applies) Masters of yachts and other craft must make their own arrangements for the care of their boats during times of absence from the locality. Note: The Club cannot accept responsibility for the safety of craft, but may, at their discretion, cause same to be removed or secured or otherwise dealt with, without liability for damage caused thereto or to other craft thereby, and at cost to the owner. Please inform members and visitors seeking pressure washer tokens and visitors key cards that they are available from behind the bar during opening times. Outside of bar opening hours they are available from Mr Ted Knight or Mike Roberts. 3 The deposit paid for the visitors key card can only be redeemed as all or part payment for their stay alongside the pontoon. To meet and greet members and promote the club, and its facilities to visitors: To undertake a membership check with all persons who enter the clubhouse: To ensure that members who are bringing guests into the Club, or visiting yachtsman are aware they MUST fill out all relevant details in the visitor book and sign in. The visitor’s book is obtained from behind the bar. 

To assist with general inquires please ensure you are aware of Bar and galley opening hours during your duty, that the HSC Child protection policy hard copies are in place behind the Bar and at the Grid booking table. That the Grid booking book is in place with a pen/pencil and the Hazard and Risk policy are in place. Visitors who wish to obtain provisions and newspapers can be directed: To the right of the Club’s gate and then turn left by the Old House At Home pub and up Chapel Street where at the end, to the right, there is a small Newsagents, a Chinese take away and another Pub, the Windsor Castle. To the left of the Club’s gate a Co OP shop is a short walk away and can be reached by turning right by the Jolly Roger Pub car park and then straight up Vanguard road, cross over Heritage Road and ahead of you is Dartmouth court where there is the Co OP and a Chinese take away. KEY QUALITIES REQUIRED: A sense of humour essential as this should be a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone involved, with an opportunity to get to know other members/visitors. You are to be approachable, friendly, and polite at all times. You have to be resourceful and adaptable and in general, promote the ethos of the club and ensure a happy and harmonious relationship with members, guests and visitors alike. 

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