How to Join Hardway Sailing Club

Hardway Sailing Club has been established on this site since 1945 It was started by a group of enthusiasts with the aim of providing sailing facilities for the average working person keeping all costs to a minimum by self-help from members (all club officers are unpaid part time volunteers).

Starting from a small hut on the hard standing provided during the war to provide access to landing craft and tanks for the Normandy invasion, it has steadily developed into the current building with its recent extensions all funded from its own income.

The site is limited in size which limits the number of storage facilities we can provide for members. To control this we have a fixed limit on the number of full sailing members. This means that we can only offer places to new members to match the numbers leaving which has resulted in being one of the few clubs in the area with a waiting list.

Adult Sailing members

To join the club you must fill in a membership form and visit the club to obtain a proposer and seconder. The form is then forwarded to the membership secretary who places a copy of the application on the notice board for any member to object (in writing) to the applicant. The application with any objections will be read out to members of the Management committee at their next monthly meeting.

The applicant is notified (usually by email) of the decision accepting them as potential club members and placing them on the waiting list noting the exact date of application.

As soon as the membership secretary has some idea of the number of members leaving a limited number of people (selected by date of application) are invited by email or telephone to attend an informal interview to ensure that they have a genuine interest in sailing, subsequently they are invited to attend an induction meeting at the club (held usually in march)   to pay the membership fees for the current year, receive their membership cards, entry keys and join waiting lists for club storage e.g. moorings, dinghy racks, outboard and inflatable stores .

There is NO Social membership or Family category.

Spouse/Partners can join with the new member at a reduced fee but with limited voting rights. O.A.P. members must have been members for more than 5 years to qualify for the reduced fees.

Junior Membership

A junior may join at any time and is not subject to an interview. A membership form must be filled in by the parent grandparent or a nominated responsible adult who must be a club member. There is no lower age limit but generally 7 is the minimum age considered to be able take any formal instruction.

The full indemnity page on the back of the membership application must be completed fully.

Any junior must be accompanied by the nominated adult at all times whist on club premises and is held to be responsible for their behaviour.


The fees detailed below are those current any subsequent change must be approved by the A.G.M. held in early January. On the 2nd year full members are required to do a working party duty or pay a £40 waiver. Age ranges are inclusive but are revised annually as being the age on 1st March when renewing membership All Memberships must be continuous to avoid the possibility of incurring the joining fee again.

 Membership Type

 Joining fee

Annual Membership

 Induction Total

FULL £125 £ 80 £205
FULL/ Spouse £150 £120 £270
OAP £ 50
OAP/ Spouse £ 75
JUNIOR (UNDER 12) £ 30
JUNIOR (13-17) £ 17 £ 30 £ 47
Young Adult  (18-21) £ 60 £ 40 £ 100
Young Adult and Spouse (18-21) £ 90 £ 60

Application forms may be obtained from the club applying by post, alternatively they may be downloaded

from the club website (link below). When copying please ensure both sides of the form are read and completed fully