Safety Boat Procedures

  • As prescribed by Hardway Sailing Club Sailing Committee and to be used in conjunction with the current RYA Safety Boat Handbook.
  • The committee aim to have all Safety Boat Crew CRB checked, as children may be involved.
  • Further certificated RYA qualifications are encouraged, in particular: Safety Boat and First Aid.

Mandatory Requirements

  • No passengers are allowed in the Safety Boat.
  • Two fit and competent crew, wearing buoyancy aids and prepared to enter the water. Crew SHOULD be CRB checked and recommended to hold a current RYA First Aid certificate.
  • Coxwain must hold RYA National Powerboat level 2 certificate.
  • Crew must be capable of taking over as coxswain, should the need arise. The Coxswain is responsible for ensuring this.
  • A Kill Cord must always be used.

Coxswain’s Preparation

Timing: Allow one hour before the event starts, unless familiar with the preparation.

RO’s Briefing: Receive Race Officer’s instructions and collect marine VHF radio and test.

Log Safety Boat Out and check equipment onto foldaway trolley for ease of transportation.


  • Fuel
  • Anchor & warp
  • Towing lines Paddles
  • Plastic boathook
  • Baler
  • Sealed plastic drum containing:
    • A copy of current Safety Boat Procedures
    • 1st Aid box
    • Serrated knife
    • Whistle
    • Flare
    • Mediwrap
    • Mask
    • Racing mark if required by the Race Officer, and laid prior to start sequence.

Safety Boat: Bring allocated Safety Boat alongside HSC pontoon using club tender if necessary.

Event Priorities

  • Safety of People
    • Cut engine when dealing with people in the water.
    • If a person is too heavy to lift out, summon assistance or secure alongside Safety Boat, and carefully tow into the shore.
    • Count the fleet frequently.
    • Search for missing craft.
  • Safety of Craft
    • Abandon craft when people are at risk.
    • Secure craft for later retrieval.
    • Retrieve craft with or without help from its crew.
  • Communication:
    • The Race Officer is responsible for the race events and should be kept informed of Safety Boat activities. Other events e.g. Training, will have an Instructor in charge. Distress – Ch 16. KHM – Ch 11. HSC Control – Ch P4 or M2

Post Event

  • Safety Boat: Return to mooring. Clip on painter and double secure using a slack line as backup.
  • Equipment: Ensure all equipment returns carefully to its correct stowage.
  • Log In: Log Usage of Safety Boat and any defects, faults and used items.
  • Debrief/discharge: Race Officer debriefs and/or discharges the Safety Boat Crew.

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