Club Update

The Committee of the Club are currently evaluating a software package called ‘Sailing Club Manager’ to see whether it would be beneficial in the running of the Club’s affairs.  The software package has been developed by a company based in Cowes and has been specifically tailored to suit sailing clubs and associations.  This is a software package that would, if decided to implement, be used by the committee to manage the running of the Club – it does not involve any external ‘managers’.

The package potentially offers a number of advantages that are currently being evaluated within the free trial period.  For the purposes of the trial only club held data for a number of members who has given express permission will be used for the trial.  Their personal data will be encrypted and secure at all times in the SCM system.

Over 250 sailing clubs and associations have already signed up and are currently using the package successfully, this includes the majority of clubs in Portsmouth harbour and the Solent area.

Information on the package can be viewed here; https://www.sailingclubmanager.com/

Ken Mizen Rear Commodore HSC